Hola amigos and Familia, we are Chef Jose Castillo and Laura Matamoros, we were born in Mexico City and raised in the kitchen. We are so proud to have introduced the Authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine in the Bow Valley community since 2009, welcome home to celebrate with us the joy and flavours of our roots.
The warm and cozy atmosphere at colorful Aroma emulates the intimacy felt around a Mexican’s family kitchen table, while the fusion of Indigenous and Spanish cuisine promises an epicurean adventure, the traditional sauces, tortillas, dishes and desserts, all artisanal homemade and slow cooked from scratch for each order, with Aroma’s Signature Margarita, will take you on a real culinary gourmet trip to Mexico.

We are a SLOW FOOD MEXICAN RESTAURANT –Tasty, Clean and Fair Food-  Yes, good food takes time and we cook with love from scratch, with fresh, natural and local ingredients.


Not Fast Life, restore the pleasures of life!

Enjoy a great wine, or margarita, a conversation, make eye contact, ask for your favorite song and dance ... you are at home.


Our Menu is Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan and Kids friendly.


If you are looking for Tex-Mex or fast food Mexican cuisine, you will be very disappointed, but if you are looking for the Real Mexico City Dining Style, Aroma is the place to enjoy!!!


Please, keep your passport ready, enjoy this magical experience.


Welcome to Mexico in Canmore!



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Curbside Take Out or Dine in

Weeekly Reheat & Enjoy Family Meals! coming soon

TEL 403 688 9914|  403 679 2344     aromascantina@gmail.com

Closed Wednesday 21st 2020. Open Thursday to Sunday 12 to 9 pm in October 

ADDRESS  120 1st Avenue, Dead Man's Flats Alberta, T1W 2W4


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