Chef José Castillo


Hello friends, welcome to  Aroma, let me share with you about my passion for food and my roots.


I was so lucky to be part of a big Mexican Family with lots of cousins, brothers, one sister, my parents and my two Grand Ma's who had big influence in my decision to become a cook, they where one from Aragon Spain and the other one from Hidalgo Mexico; with that mix of spanish and tradicional dishes is how I did spend my first years in the Kitchen: playing and of course eating. I love to eat good food, so at 12 years old I started cooking with grand ma's and my mom.


Following my passion, at 20 years old I moved to Montreal, where after learn french, and while  I was working for different restaurants, hotels and  a coffee shop, I got my diploma as Chef .


In 2006, I packed my stuff, drived my car and stop in Canmore, the most beautiful and peaceful place in the world to be called home.


In 2007 while I was Executive Chef at a Spanish kitchen, I meet my wife Laura, who's Mom was a cook in Mexico, and as me, she grow up in the kitchen; so after had been working together for 2 years, we decided to open our own place, yes: two crazy mexicans, with no English  and no clue about business in Canada, but with four hands, good experience, our family's recipes, lots of passion, roots and traditions, hard work and lots of inocence, we did it.


So here we are, I have to admit that I'm jealous with my kitchen where I spend long hours in my recipes, I like flavours, consistency, happy faces and mezcal.


While we build Aroma we have two girls, who are growing in the kitchen. Today Due to the Pandemic Situation, we closed Aroma in Canmore, and with Our Friend Chef Jeff Stein we are opening Aroma's Cantina to continue doing what we really love, cook for friends, for you and your, we are a proudly Family, your Mexican Family in Dead Man's Flats Alberta.








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